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1,000 dollar bonus from Adam Silver to NBA employees

1,000 dollar bonus from Adam Silver to NBA employees

With an unprecedented season in NBA history, NBA President Adam Silver gave all employees a $ 1,000 bonus and extra leave.

NBA history has left behind a season unprecedented. In a successful process with the NBA Bubble , NBA president Adam Silver sent a special thank you letter to all employees, realizing that he is not the only person who deserves the praise.

According to Shams Charania, Adam Silver, who appreciated the efforts of NBA employees in the historical season, stated in his thank-you letter to all of the league staff that they were on leave for Thanksgiving, with a bonus of $ 1,000 and four weekends starting from October 30. 

Silver's plan to create an NBA Bubble at Disney World in Florida was launched in collaboration with many names within and around the league. This plan yielded positive results with 172 matches played over three months and zero cases of corona virus. 

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