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Are Instagram Sweepstakes Real - Is That Giveaway

Are Instagram Sweepstakes Real - Is That Giveaway

Instagram has become one of the most interactive social media. How many of the dozens of Instagram draws we see every day are real? Why are fake shots done? Let's find answers to these questions. 

Social media users are increasing day by day. This increase also increases the importance of social media. People are now doing their advertising work on social media platforms, and they make their living on social media. In this case, those who want to earn money or try to reach great interactions and large number of followers on social media platforms to become famous and popular. There are many short and long ways to get these interactions and follower counts.

 Lottery is one of these shortcuts. When people are drawing on social media, they set a number of conditions. These conditions usually include following certain accounts, liking the post, and tagging your friends under it. When you fulfill the conditions, both followers and interactions of the determined accounts are increased. In this way, people gain followers and interaction. 

There are dozens of accounts that gain followers and interaction by making fake draws on their own, even if those who provide follow-up service with fake lottery for a fee on the internet. For this reason, while participating in the sweepstakes, pay attention to the well-known accounts that you have followed for a long time, and that they make the lottery transparently (such as determining the result of the lottery on the live broadcast). However, if you say that I will participate in all sweepstakes, it is your decision. If you want to buy or sell a lottery follower service, you can browse the ads in the Instagram followers category or add ads for free.