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Best Webmaster Tools

Best Webmaster Tools

In our article, we have compiled the programs that webmasters can use for their projects. You can find the programs in the fields of coding, SEO, FTP here. 

Domain Name Analyzer

Before presenting a brand you have created or a website you will use for yourself, you need to define a domain name, namely Domain. 
In order to do this, the Domain you want to buy must be idle. Domain Name Analyzer also queries whether the Domain you want to buy is idle. We can recommend this app to both professionals and beginners. You can query the domain name by using the keywords you have determined for your site. 

With this software, you can query multiple Domains at the same time. Creation and expiry dates of domain names can be displayed. 

Site Status Report 

We can recommend this program to web site design, site management webmasters or site owners. It is a program where you can get basic information about the general status of the sites. 

No setup is required. You can run it directly. In this software, you can use the keywords to see the rank. You can learn detailed information about Alexa registrations. You can see Google Page Rank values ​​and MOZ statistics. 

Adobe Photoshop CC

Visuality on websites is an important issue to attract the attention of visitors. Of course, there are many programs to do this, but Adobe Photoshop CC is a better software for visual design than other programs. 

This program, which helps you to design a logo for a site interface or a site, allows you to do professional work. This software has many functional features such as 3D painting and 3D control. 

Google Web Designer 
It is officially announced by Google and has a completely free use. You can make professional designs using the visual and code interface of the animation style things you want to publish on your site. 

Its interface is advanced and easy to use. You can use 3 dimensional objects and create 3 dimensional texts. These help you get very good results. 
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 
It helps you design your website away from code clutter. Thanks to its code and visual preview feature, it is a development and design program that you can use both on the web and on mobile. It has an advanced CSS Designer tool. Many features you are looking for are available in this software. 
Its easy-to-use field interface offers faster HTML 5 element insertion. Thanks to its feature of adding sound and video, it allows these elements to be added to your designs. 
It is also known as a text editor. You can do whatever you want in this software. It easily detects the language of programs such as HTML, JavaScript, XHTML. You can do the software you want to do through this program. 
NotePad ++
As you can see from its name, it is among the best webmaster programs. It responds to your wishes in the field of software. While doing this, there is no difficult way of service. It is easy to use. This program supports the languages ​​of many programs such as HTML, PHP, ASP, SQL, Pascal. 

Rapid SEO Tool 

Helps keyword usage and multiplicity. Both beginners and professionals can use this program. Today, many site owners or webmasters can adjust the keyword selection and density with this program. 

CoffeeCup Sitemapper 

The development of your site in search engines is a very important issue. This program also offers you this service. With this program, you can even analyze your competitors. You can see where the ranking of the development of the site you manage has come from. You can improve yourself thanks to the tips provided to you. 
The security of this program is extremely high. It is frequently mentioned among the best webmaster programs. It allows many operations such as downloading, sending files to be done through a program. It is easy to use, so it is difficult to give up. 
When you get tired of the FTP program you use, you can start using BlazeFTP. It allows you to handle many operations through an easy program. This program provides a high security service in itself. You will not come across a bad software in any way. 


Thanks to this improved software, files are exchanged with your site more easily. Uploading or downloading files are carried out under high security controls. It is a program preferred by many webmasters at the moment .