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Bird flu broke out before the corona was over! 330 thousand chickens will be culled

Bird flu broke out before the corona was over! 330 thousand chickens will be culled

In Japan, the government announced an outbreak of avian flu has been detected on a poultry farm in Kagawa Prefecture. The culling of 330 thousand chickens has started in the country.

H5 type avian influenza has been reported in thousands of chickens on a farm in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan . Officials took action after 3,800 chickens died between Wednesday and Sunday, and after detailed investigations, an outbreak of bird flu on the farm was detected. Japan Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Kotaro Nogami confirmed the outbreak in a statement today, saying that necessary measures will be taken, including the culling of chickens. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga instructed cabinet members to take preventive measures and to carry out the process in a transparent manner.


Kagawa Governor Keizo Hamada stated in a statement at noon that urgent measures will be taken to prevent the spread of the virus. It is stated that the governorship has started the works to be carried out for the culling of approximately 330 thousand chickens, and the Japanese Self Defense Forces (SDF) personnel will be called to the region for support. The hen culling process is expected to take 10 days.


While the authorities, alarmed by the epidemic, banned the transportation of chickens and eggs in the risky area, it was reported that approximately 2 million chickens in 26 farms in the same environment started to be taken randomly in case the epidemic spread. The Ministry of Agriculture announced that Japan will suspend chicken and egg exports for now.


It was noted that the last detected outbreak was the first since bird flu cases were seen on another animal farm in the same state in January 2018.

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