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Cryptocurrency Proposal for Long Term Investment - AltCoin Proposal

Cryptocurrency Proposal for Long Term Investment - AltCoin Proposal

Hello friends,

According to my own research, I have listed the alternative altcoins that you will invest in the future.

While researching these altcoins, who are behind them, what technologies they use, which rank in the currency, are there companies that buy and sell crypto money, do these coins ... is a company that was created as a result of long researches.

Whether we admit it or not, the world is no longer what it used to be. Maybe there were those who imagined the 2000s as flying cars and interplanetary travel, but this is not the case for now. However, a system was developed as a hand-to-hand and Crypto Money was placed in its name. So virtual money ..

Imagine that even now, gold ranks among the most precious metals in the world. But these virtual coins even surpassed the investment in gold and almost sent it back to its old age. Before 2000, gold was considered ostentatious and rich. But now the crypto money in the market has come to this situation.

The world is technology age and everything is developing very rapidly. We also need to keep up with this development and not stay behind the times. Otherwise, we will sink to the bottom as Nokia does not keep up with Android.

No need for words or words, ladies and gentlemen. In the list below, there are buy and sell values ​​USD. You can check these values ​​too.

If I need to state as an important note; This long term meaning is not a month or a year for you. You can think of it as an account to deposit your extra money under the pillow or on hand. Of course, just as everything has risks, crypto money also has risks. As I said before, this is just a research. I would like to state that I am not responsible for any negative situation that may be experienced. Look at this, whether you do a work for yourself or not, it is up to your free will. Cryptocurrencies to invest in the long term;

AltCoins That Can Be Invested In The Long Term

AltCoins            Piece                          USD
1 Ripple (XRP) Minimum 150 Pieces  $ 1.28
2 Cardano (ADA) Minimum 100 Pieces  $ 1.21
3 Basic Attention Tokens At Least 100 Units 9 $ 1.24
4 Bittorent (BTT) At least 20000 Pieces $ 0.01
5 Chiliz (CHZ) At Least 500 Pieces $ 0.52
6 DogeCoins (Doge) Minimum 1000 Pieces $ 0.30
7 Enjin Coin (ENJ) Minimum 50 Pieces  $ 2.52
8 Ethereum Classic (ETC) Minimum 5 Pieces  $ 33.95
9 Holo (Hot) Minimum 10000 Pieces  $ 0.02
10 Kyber Network (KNC) Minimum 50 Pieces $ 2.92
11 Chainlink (LINK) Minimum 5 Pieces $ 34.78
12 Litecoin (LTC) At Least 1 Coin $ 260.00
13 Matic Network (MATIC) Minimum 1000 Pieces  $ 0.34
14 Tron (TRX) Minimum 10000 Pieces  $ 0.13
15 WINk (WIN) Minimum 100000 Pieces  $ 0.00
16 VeChain (VET) Minimum 5000 Pieces  $ 0.20
17 Stellar (XLM) Minimum 3000 Pieces $ 0.50
18 Terra (LUNA) Minimum 10 Pieces  $ 12.93
19 Cosmos (ATOM) Minimum 5 Pieces $ 20.74
20 Bitcoin SV Minimum 1 Piece $ 302.00