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Facebook Domain Ban Removal

Facebook Domain Ban Removal

Social media; It has become one of the indispensable hit sources of our websites and blogs due to the excessive use of it.

Thanks to social media, it is easily possible to advertise your blog, website, youtube channel or even a business. It is inevitable that you will get very good returns as a result of advertising from these platforms with so many users.

You can make your advertisement for free or paid. You can do it for free by sharing on Facebook groups etc. For a fee, you can use Facebook or Instagram's own systems if you want If you want, you can advertise on the pages with lots of interaction, for a fee.

If Facebook to the website by the ban if enough Facebook in the platform of advertising is not possible or do you share. There are many methods to remove this obstacle on the internet. I will talk about the method that I applied in one day.

First of all , if you have spent before with your Facebook business account, you can do it yourself, if you haven't, you need to find an account that has been spent. Facebook's live support feature is activated in spending accounts With this feature, you can communicate with the authorities instantly and report your problem. I think they will help you better if you say that you will be advertising but your domain is banned.

Of course, there is no such thing as every domain will be opened. Once you are sure that there is nothing against the community rules on your site, you can do this.
They report the result to you by e-mail. I got the result within a day. This time may vary. Once unblocked, you can confirm your domain from your Facebook business account in the business settings brand safety section. I hope it has been a useful article. 
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