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How Do I Make Money on Pinterest

How Do I Make Money on Pinterest

In this article, we have compiled the methods you can apply to make money from Pinterest . I hope it will benefit you too. 
Make Money by E-Commerce
This application is mostly used by women. In this respect, you can do E-commerce by promoting fashion and beauty products with photos. As you might think, it is a very similar method to Instagram. However, there is more interaction than Instagram to get the desired product. 

Another difference of Pinterest to Instagram is that you can attract buyers to your site by clicking the photos here.
Web Site Traffic 
If you have a website you own and on these images, you can attract a high number of people from Pinterest . At the moment, everyone who owns a blog shares their photos here. By applying this method, they can attract thousands of people to their websites. 

You can buy ads on your website from Google AdSense or other advertising sites and earn money from these incoming people. 
You Can Become a Phenomenon and Make Money on Pinterest 
If you want to rise by taking photos, it will be very good for you to share your photos here. It is a platform that can add value to you as much as Instagram. Photographers who are successful in their business can earn money in a variety of ways. 
This method works as follows. In this method, you direct people to the E-commerce site and if these people get something from there, you will receive a commission. You can enter affiliate systems of e-commerce sites. You can earn income by sharing the product you have received on Pinterest . 
Pinterest Social Media Management
Businesses can attract large numbers of customers with the help of Pinterest . However, instead of hiring someone new to take advantage of this opportunity, businesses are working with independent Freelancers. You can also make Pinterest Social Media Manager for these accounts 

While doing this, you need to have different tactical and customer attracting knowledge. This also takes experience. 
Keyword Optimization 
The Pinterest search form is used at least 2 billion times a month. Of course, companies also compete to get to the top in these searches. One way to do this is to add keywords to Pins. However, most companies cannot choose these words properly and cannot reach as many people as they want. You can improve yourself and provide keyword optimization services. This becomes a source of income. 
You Can Earn Money By Sharing Paid 
If the number of people who follow you on Pinterest is high, you can earn money by sharing. This is beneficial for both you and the company you are sharing with. 

If the companies that share with you want to open an account, it takes time to reach many people, but it would be more logical to have someone do the Pinterest phenomenon instead of such a long thing Thanks to the phenomenon, it can rise in a short time. 

If you have more overseas followers, you can earn between 500-100 $ per share. This may vary from company to company and according to the agreement made.