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How to Make Money by Writing an E-Book

How to Make Money by Writing an E-Book

How to Make Money by Writing an E-Book

You can make money online by writing your own E-Book. Thus, you can both have done the job you love and have done an additional job. Also, the type you write does not matter. You can earn large sums even from a recipe book.
Recent developments have also enhanced the E-book market.

Format Your EBook Properly
If you know HTML or MS Word programs well, you can do these processes yourself. But if you do this job and work with someone who knows what they are doing and knows the programs well, you will get better results. If your Book is poorly edited, you leave room for bad reviews. Therefore, your book is not sold.

Choose the Platform to Sell Your Book
You can sell your e-book as a member of the sites. When you complete your membership process, you can sell your books with a certain commission. In addition, you can advertise on the sites according to your book type. As an example, you wrote a book called 50 Desserts Recipes, and you plan to sell it for 10 TL. You can advertise your book on recipe sites. As the sites you make a deal with increase, your income will increase accordingly.

Price Your Ebook Properly

In this business, depending on the type, the price range can vary between 10-90 TL. It doesn't matter if your eBook is longer, but striking even than a novel allows it to be sold.

 Also, each person judges the book by its cover, so it would be in your best interest to make a great cover.

Make your product description beautiful

- Kind
Word count
- Author biography
- Opinions
Advertise your book on social media and have a website. Other ways to advertise;
- Mention other authors in the back sections and ask them to mention you.
- Search eBook groups.
- Put the book link in your e-mail signature.
- Join blogs and forums and gain online visibility.

How Much Will I Earn By Selling E-Books

It would be difficult to say very clear things about this. However, if we look at the examples around us, there are people who earn between 500-2000 TL from this business. You can earn these money by doing this job.