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How to Make Money on Youtube

How to Make Money on Youtube

How to Make Money on Youtube

Almost all of us would complain about Google earning profit from our video with the ads it puts on the videos we upload. Of course, you can earn money on the Youtube platform. But with the latest updates from youtube, it has become difficult to get money earning activity.

When your videos reach a certain level, you get approval by Google and you start to earn money. Before these times, 10 thousand views were enough to get approval. After this number, you could add ads to your videos and earn money. But Google changed some things. These ;

- You must have watched 4 thousand hours of video in the last 12 months
- You must have at least 1000 subscribers
When you reach 4 thousand hours of viewing and 1000 subscribers, the monetization section becomes active for you. You can become a Youtube Partner by entering the monetization section. After that, ads start to appear on your videos. You can place these ads at the beginning, middle or end of your video. As users watch and click these videos, you start making money.

Contrary to what everyone knows, it is not possible to earn money according to watching, that is, it is not possible to earn that much money in 200 thousand views. But for every 100 thousand views, you will get around 70-80 money. If we hit 1 million views, you would earn around 700-800. As I mentioned, there may be sudden breaks in these numbers. For example, some users can earn 2-3 thousand money for 1 million views.
He explains that the reason for these decisions is that some videos are watched a lot or that undeveloped channels can generate striking and famous videos to generate revenue. Nevertheless, due to the profit partnership abroad, the producers of the most watched videos get a share from the advertising revenues. There are those who do this business abroad and earn a lot of income, and there are also those who earn high sums by making partnerships. Of course, you can be like them as a result of hard and determined work.
If you have successfully completed the youtube monetization activation, you can earn high earnings using AdSense. If you want to grow more, you need to spend more time, effort and patience.