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Instagram Account Sales Purchasing Instagram Account

Instagram Account Sales Purchasing Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms today. Millions of Instagram accounts are opened daily So how can you sell your Instagram account? Or how to buy an Instagram account for sale. What is Instagram account selling ? We will talk about these in our article today.

Millions of Instagram accounts are opened daily. Millions of Instagram accounts are also closed. Accounts opened on platforms with so much interaction are inevitably gaining value. So what are the factors that affect the value of Instagram accounts for sale . Let's examine the most important factors affecting the prices of accounts. 

Account Opening Date

The price of old dated Instagram accounts is always higher than their peers. Old dated accounts are more valuable in the eyes of Instagram because their authority is higher. Therefore, their prices are higher.

Account Tracker Quality

Follower quality is very important in Instagram accounts. How the follower contracts, whether it is organic, whether it is a bot or not are factors that affect the price. Although bot accounts are cheaper, they have customers. There are also changes in the prices of organic accounts according to the form of follower contraction. For example, the price of an account contracted by a lottery is not the same as a completely organic account.

Interaction Quality of the Account

One of the most important factors is interaction. The interaction may or may not be proportional to the number of followers. Some accounts can get excellent interactions despite having a small number of followers. Such calculations are often called the exploration beast. Accounts with high interaction are both easy to sell and have a high price. You can read our Instagram tag tactic article to increase your interaction.