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Is Money Made By Selling Social Media Accounts

Is Money Made By Selling Social Media Accounts

Is Money Made By Selling Social Media Accounts

It is possible to earn money by doing almost any job in the virtual world and social media. It is common to make money with advertising on social media. But it is also possible to earn money by selling accounts.

How Can I Sell Accounts?

You can sell any account. Generally, there will be a buyer for an account for sale in every sector. The number of followers of the accounts, having the first mail, opening date, in which sector it is, whether it is a bot or not are the most important factors affecting prices. In general, accounts with the first mail and with an old opening date attract the attention of buyers. For this reason, we recommend that you pay attention to having an account that you can give with your first e-mail while checking the account.

Is It Possible To Do This Job Quickly?

Of course it is possible. By keeping your accounts linked with each other, you can contract and sell them serially. Although the number of followers changes the price, it is possible to find buyers for an account with 1000 followers for sale.

What is the Most Important Factor in the Increase in the Account Price?

Interaction is the most important factor that increases the price of accounts for sale. Accounts with high engagement are always sold faster and at a higher price. For example, if the number of interactions of an account with 5000 followers is 10,000, but the number of interactions of an account with 1000 followers is 50,000, an account with 1000 followers will have many buyers and a high price.

What Are Your Recommendations?

By opening fake female accounts, you can gain followers and interaction faster by following. It will be an advantage for you to be sincere and intertwined with your followers in your accounts. We do not recommend using bots, it can cause problems both for your account and for the future. You must strictly follow the Instagram policies. If you do not comply, your account may be closed suddenly.

How Will I Sell My Accounts?

For this, type Account Sale on google. You can sell your site on a reliable site suitable for your profile.

What Should I Pay Attention To When Selling Account?

We recommend that you do it face to face, especially when selling high-follower accounts. Depending on your agreement, you can try methods such as first payment and then an account for your online sales. You can check whether the name of the buyer or seller has been mentioned before, such as fraud, by searching the name and phone number on google.