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Mobile Applications for Photo and Video Editing

Mobile Applications for Photo and Video Editing

In this age where phones are out of our hands, we do most of our work with phones. Although not always, we may need some applications to edit videos or photos. We have compiled applications that will be useful for you, especially when making designs such as Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and profile pictures. Applications are for android dir ios may not be available on all platforms.


It is one of the useful mobile applications with dozens of filters and effects. You can easily edit video or photo whatever you want. Thanks to the tools it contains, it is possible to easily do many things such as collage work, preparing images suitable for background social media platforms. You may need to purchase a premium membership to use some features and effects. Most effects and edits we see on social media are made using PicsArt. 

Background Eraser 

Thanks to this application, which was created to delete the backgrounds of your images, it allows you to get rid of backgrounds easily with one click, either manually or thanks to its own artificial intelligence. In deletions made with its own artificial intelligence, sometimes you may need to make manual corrections due to color confusion. 

Animated Text

The purpose of this application is to make your articles gif. You can easily convert any text you want into a gif. More than one animation option and the fact that it is free is a great advantage for the application. It is also possible to save the animation you prepared as mp4 if you want. In this way, you can share on social media. 

Gif to Video 

With Gif to video application, it is possible to convert your videos to gif format and your gifs to video format. You can use this application, especially when it is not possible to publish gifs on some social media platforms. The application is free. 

Crop and Trim Video

This application helps you to reduce the height of your videos. Thanks to the application, you can cut the video lengthwise in addition to the standard video cutting process. Moreover, you can use it completely free of charge. 

Adobe Applications

Adobe applications that we frequently use on computers are also available in the mobile world. These applications are the ideal solution for video editing, ready-made posts, different effects and editing. The disadvantage of Adobe applications is that some of them are free and some of them are paid.