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Post Preparation Programs for Social Media

Post Preparation Programs for Social Media

1.Adobe Spark 
With the help of this program, you can prepare images for all your social media accounts. Like most programs, this one has both paid and free content. You can create good things for free in the beginner level. 

After entering the application, you can find ready-made drafts for many social media such as Instagram and Pinterest. While preparing a post, you can use these drafts to create more attractive and professional posts. 

What you can do 
- Story and advertisement template for Instagram
- Facebook story and ad image preparation template 
- Twitter visual preparation template 
- Youtube Thumbnail image preparation template 
- Teaser video maker template 
- Infographic template 

In short, you can find everything that will be useful for everyone in this application. 
You don't just have to use ready-made drafts. You can do all of them, too. 
Canva 2

This app is one of the most popular apps for creating posts for Instagram. 

There are also paid and free versions for this application. Besides, you can buy the designs you like by paying money.

You can do all you can do in this application with the previous application. 

3.Adobe Lightroom 
Instagram is also among the most common applications that personal accounts use when preparing posts. This app differs from Canva and Adobe Spark in its ability to organize and store mostly captured photos. 

You can make the photos you take in this application look more pleasant and professional. 


If you are looking for an application to create written images, Typorama is very suitable for this. If you are going to use it only to prepare written visuals, you can work faster than other applications. 

The only bad thing about this application is that it is only available in the Appstore right now. 

5.Pablo by Buffer
Pablo is Buffer's visual editing and preparation application, which is also a social media management application. 

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook applications are one of the free post preparation programs. 

There are more than 500 thousand ready-made images in the memory of the application. You can also add your own images. It is very simple to use and I can recommend it to everyone. 

It will help you combine your site or application with photos. 

This program offers you a large number of templates. You can use it by adding screenshots to the photos you like. You can download these photos if they are small in size, but if the dimensions are large, you have to pay some money to download them.