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The studying / listening - thailand

The studying / listening - thailand

Lots of protesters have taken to the streets in thailand's capital bangkok, no matter the authorities asserting a country of emergency. Police arrested dozens of the seasoned-democracy demonstrators. They have been protesting in cities across thailand and online for over 3 months. Some of the protestors are college students, but they are being joined by using a wider cross-section of society. They're calling for a brand new constitution to make certain a real constitutional monarch below a democratic machine. They're additionally annoying the dissolution of parliament, the resignation of thailand's top minister, and an stop to "the intimidation of government critics".

The government stated the protests have, "affected the authorities's balance, safety, assets and body of workers". It stated the protests were, "now not a peaceful meeting," and have been a hazard to national protection. The authorities announced a ban on gatherings of extra than five humans and prohibited the ebook of online messages that could "harm national security". Police arrested 22 people on friday for public disease offences. There had been three outstanding activists amongst the ones arrested. Photos showing a female being picked up by using police and put right into a police automobile went viral on social media. Police additionally photographed the crowds and warned demonstrators they will be prosecuted for violating the emergency decree.
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