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Ways to Increase AdSense Revenue - Pay Attention to the Use of SEO

Ways to Increase AdSense Revenue - Pay Attention to the Use of SEO

Pay Attention to the Use of SEO
Search engine optimization, known as SEO, is very important for all sites. It is one of the most important things that will benefit you that people using the Internet can reach you about the topics they search. One of the most important is "Domain Optimization" to determine your site's keywords, "Page Layout Optimization" to add speed and security to your site, and "Page Layout Optimization" is very important for your revenue generation. Of course, you can use keyword finders to help you find keywords. 
Sizing and Speak Enhancement 
You can try placing   AdSense ads around or above images. Ads at the top of the page perform better than those at the bottom. Link-based ads, which are often ignored, are different from banner ads and, if properly optimized, do not reduce the click-through rate of the main ads on your site. You can choose to keep these ads in the title navigation bar. If you have a site designed for AdSense revenue, you can follow the AdSense Heatmap" and find themes and designs optimized for your site. AdSense sizes  that work best

- 336 * 280
- 300 * 250
- 728 * 90
- 300 * 600
Check the Traffic Source 
AdSense ads show the best performance of your site traffic in the dev engine. Many users complain about the low income it receives despite receiving millions of clicks. The explanation for this situation is due to the low fee per click and the low traffic of the site by the advertiser. If you want to earn more, you have to catch the traffic coming from your country. 
Add Search Engine to Your Site 
AdSense offers you various opportunities to make money on your site. It would be good for you to add a search engine to your site to take advantage of all the advertising content. It will also help users find the content they are looking for more easily. Besides, you can also see user traffic. 
Make Ads More Expressive 
AdSense is an advertising network that works based on the content of your site. Therefore , the ads displayed with AdSense must be highly relevant to the content of your articles on your site. You can add code to your content to make ads more meaningful.
Add Ads Between Your Posts 
If you want to increase your income, you can adjust the ads on your site to match the background or site colors. You can add ads with dimensions of 468 * 60 between your articles. You can add between 7-10 images, considering the experience of the users. 
Use Black Lists for Ads 
There are advertisements that pay very low per click. There are many programs that blacklist advertisements that cause you to earn such low earnings. You can use programs similar to these, and if you know low-profit sites, you can block the ad URL. If you apply them, the earnings you get from the ads increase by 10%.