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What is Facebook Business Manager

What is Facebook Business Manager

What is Facebook Business Manager?
It is a field that works differently from the normal Facebook structure and has different features. This field we mentioned works in a structure that is only useful for companies. You manage social media accounts more interactively through this area. Besides, it helps you see more efficient results. 

What Are The Differences From Normal Facebook? 
The statistics of the shares you make on this area come before you in a faster and more detailed way. Here you can manage your employees and give directions. The ad manager works faster and you can see all your pages instantly. You can view the statistics on these pages here. 

You can see data analysis weekly in a normal page structure and you can get data for a maximum of 28 days. But there is no limit to this in Facebook Business. It has been made possible to obtain monthly-daily-weekly-hourly and even annual results. Employees can do extra advertising management from here. You even have the opportunity to manage different advertising accounts through a single account. 

Of course, the things you can manage here are not limited to your Facebook page. In addition, you can manage your Facebook ad account, personal accounts, payments, projects, target audiences and more from here. As an extra, you can integrate your Facebook and Instagram account here, and you can receive ads on the same area. 

Facebook Business running different structure, are operating out. After logging into this site, everything happens through Business. However, you leave a normal Facebook structure. Even notifications belong to the Business area. 

How Do I Login to Facebook Business?
For this, you first complete the registration process by going to . You are creating an institutional structure. While creating this corporate structure, you need to enter a business name, name, surname and an e-mail address. 

After logging into the Facebook Business area, you can take over the pages you manage with the quick setup structure, and add those you are editors as employees. Depending on your request, you can also add your ad account during the quick setup phase. 

If you want, you can integrate your Instagram account with Facebook and add new page and ad accounts. You can choose the target audience with Facebook pixel. You can create different pages and edit your advertising authorizations. You can also manage your projects. 

After integrating your Facebook ad account, you can see all your analysis in more detail. You can reach Facebook Business via .