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What is SEO - The Importance of SEO - How Does SEO Work

What is SEO - The Importance of SEO - How Does SEO Work

What is SEO? 
SEO,   which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is the process of optimizing your website. This optimization allows it to show that it is worth displaying in top positions in search results. 
Keep in mind that SEO is not a one-off thing. Continuity is very important. 
The Importance of SEO 
You should know what SEO is and its importance. The most important requirement of websites is to attract visitors to the site. A site with zero visitors has no value. 

Of course there is everything you can manage the traffic. 

Quality Traffic 
The more people who visit your site turn into buyers, the better your traffic. 
You can use this rate to check website traffic quality. Of course, this rate varies from content to content and targets. However, even 5% is very good for this ratio. 
Good traffic is when visitors search for the products you sell. Let's say you are selling an Apple phone. There should be no traffic from people who want to get fruit on your site. 

Traffic Amount 

We have said that the quality of traffic is as important as the amount of traffic. 

You can measure your traffic from your visitors. Of course, the things you need to watch are not limited to these. In addition, the visitors you need to look at, page views and duration of visit are also very important. 

Of course, you don't need to measure these manually one by one. You can use tools such as Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica. 

Organic Traffic 

This topic is the favorite thing for all website owners. This is completely free and more visitors can come to the site. 

As an example, results come from a searched word in the search engine. If they click on a link in these results, a visitor will come to your site. Visitors who come in this way are called organic visitors. 

It may sound easy, but there is a lot of competition in getting visitors this way. You have to do a good SEO to reach the number of visitors you target 

How Does SEO Work? 

SEO optimizes your site and allows people to come to your site using certain words. 

The benefits it will bring;

* Provides relevant information 
* Makes search engines reliable 
* Provides more and better traffic 

Search results come instantly, but the process in the search engine works very differently. This process begins with typing a word into the search engine. 
To mention a little bit about the search engine. It performs 3 tasks for each call made. 

This is the beginning of the job. In this process, information is collected from worldwide sites, pages, links, links. 

• Indexing: 

After the information is collected, web crawlers store the information in the entry list. 

• Rankings:

Results are shown in order according to most fit 

Search engines use rules called algorithms to be satisfied with the quality. 
Algorithms check that people get the most relevant information. 

It has a group of employees working on Google algorithms, one of the most important and popular search engines. These employees work to improve the quality of the users' experience. 

What Google cares most about is website content. 
What is Page Authority? 
It is a scoring system developed by Moz. Scoring ranges from 1 to 100. This determines your ranking based on the scoring. 

Thanks to this page, you can check the authority of your site. For this, all you have to do is enter the URL you want to check. After that, you have the analysis. You can also make improvements according to this result. 
How is SEO done?
It is worth mentioning once again that SEO is not a one-time thing. Algorithms are constantly updated to ensure the best results for search engines. 
It will be better for you to always use the most up-to-date. Because if you do not use it, your site will be negatively affected on the search results page. 

There are two types of SEO : On-Page SEO , Off-Site SEO.

On-Site SEO 

It is a method of optimizing the site from within. This optimization occurs by adjusting the elements within the site. As a result of these adjustments, search engines will index the information. 

- Well formatted URL 
- Writing down keywords 
- Alternative text for images 
- Neat titles 

Factors to consider; 


If you want to get good traffic from your posts, you should choose the keywords well. 
Keywords are topics or ideas that users search for in search engines. 

However, keyword research also has an important place. It helps you understand what keywords users are using when searching for you. It is also very important that your headlines, content titles and text contain the keywords you are targeting. 

Technical Part 

Don't expect Web Crawlers to do the hard part of this job. What you need to do: 

* Have the sitemap 
* Do not leave broken links on your site 
* Prevent wrong redirects 
* Fix URL errors 


Make sure your website has these. 

* Good structure 
* Easy navigation 
* Related content 

What we are counting are very important things. If you have a good structure, search engines provide information about which pages of your site are important. Easy navigation allows visitors to spend more time on the site. Relevant content also increases quality traffic. 

User experience

You should provide a good service to your website visitors. 
If they come for the products sold on your site, you should show them what suits them best. You have to add categories so they can find what they're looking for. 

In addition to these, you should add visuals to the postings and give more details. 
Page layout is also very important. Visually appealing sites can attract new visitors and you can ensure that incoming visitors stay on the site for a long time. 
To add to these, your site should be fast. No matter how good the content is, if your site is not fast, it will not attract attention. Visitors should be able to navigate easily inside. 

Off Site SEO

Less technical knowledge is required compared to on    -site SEO . But it is just as important. 

You can see it as an     off-site SEO promotion method. This way, internet users know that your site is worth visiting. 

Ways to do off-site SEO optimization; 

Content Marketing 

Content is very important in this industry. Accordingly, the importance of content marketing is increasing day by day.

Good content marketing allows you to rank higher in search results. If you have a good content marketing strategy; 

* You can attract new visitors to the site 
* You can influence more people to buy your products 
* The reputation of your business increases 
* As it is cost effective, you have the opportunity to save money.


If you have a high number of followers, you should create a good content. However, if you cannot do these, you need a good advertisement. 
You reach more people through ads. So you can get above your competitors. The more interesting ads you make, the better users will remember you. Ads are things that can make a difference in this industry. 

Public relations 

This title supports the recognition of your site more. 
You need to make a small investment. Reasons needed;

* Increases brand recognition 
* Provides official information
* To establish authority 
* For good community relations  

  I hope we have been able to help you in this article. If Seo 'yu do not handle it yourself seo consultants can buy services. Good luck to everyone already.