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What is Tumblr - How Do I Make Money on Tumblr

What is Tumblr - How Do I Make Money on Tumblr

There are dozens, maybe hundreds of social media platforms that are actively used today. Tumblr is one of these social media platforms , although we don't hear its name too often .

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a social media site where users interact by posting images, texts, videos and gifs. You can become a member and create a blog for free. You can log in with the desktop website or mobile application. 

How to Use Tumblr?

After you become a member of Tumblr , you can arrange your page according to you. By sharing the post you want on your Tumblr blog, you can add popular blogs and tags related to your post. You can increase your interaction by making reblog from other blogs you follow. If you want, you can message with other blogs or ask questions anonymously. 

What Are The Differences Of Tumblr?

The biggest difference is that you can only see your number of followers yourself. You have the opportunity to organize your blog in a special way for you. Unfortunately, not all of these edits appear on the Tumblr mobile app. Gaining followers is easier than Instagram. There is a daily reblog limit. If you reach the limit you cannot reblog.

How Do I Increase My Tumblr Followers? 

You can share posts in accordance with the concept of your blog. If you tag blogs with the same concept as you but with more followers under the posts, they will also reblog the posts, thus increasing your interaction. 

You can reblog until you reach the daily post limit. It will increase your interaction. It will make you noticed by other blogs. It would be more appropriate to make a reblog with a space in between. You won't overwhelm your followers. 

You should establish a friendly and intertwined environment with your followers. This is one of the rules that never fails in social media. 

How Do I Make Money With Tumblr?

If your blog has gained solid engagement and followers , it is possible to make money on Tumblr . 
One way to make money with Tumblr is by promoting other blogs. For money, you can upgrade other blogs or sell new blogs yourself. 

Another way is to sell backlinks. You can earn money by adding the links of other sites to your posts with a lot of notes. You can also add these links while doing Reblog. 

If you overdo it while providing backlink service, you may lose followers even if not too much.